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Hang gliding 2017

Hang glider: Wills Wing 145 U-2
Harness: Aeros Myth 2
Camera: GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition

A handful of hang gliders took advantage of classic post-frontal conditions at Ringstead on the coast of Dorset, England, in mid May. I watched from the hill as Steve W, in a high performance rigid wing, curved round an isolated orographic cloud, turned round, and dived through it.

Hang glider ready to launch

Wayne indicates that he has no pressure on my front wires. I am ready to fly!

Veteran pilot Wayne B set my camera straight after the struggle from the rigging area (in partial shelter of some bushes) to the launch slope knocked it out of whack, resulting in much better pictures.

The air was perfectly smooth over the cliffs and sea, but the wind was westerly and strong.

Hang glider flying over cliffs

Over the cliffs

I crossed behind Steve (another Steve) flying a Wills Wing T2, as he threw it around upwind of my track, but well below my height. As we know, an aircraft’s wake travels downwards, so I relaxed and enjoyed the show. Whoomph! My wing lurched to one side and dived, then righted itself. Yes, his wake traveled downwards in air that was rising upwards. Duh!

Hang glider soaring coastal cliffs

Looking north-west

Sailing ship in Ringstead bay

Sailing ship

For variety, this is a wooden sailing ship that visited the bay the previous day.

Landing in the west wind was the usual roller coaster.

Hang glider

Positioned up-wind of the hill ready to turn inland

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